Dr. Earle is an independent consultant, with over 30 years of experience in applications for federal and state grant programs.

Prior to the beginning of the E-rate program, Dr. Earle was employed as the Director of State and Federal Programs for Riverview Gardens School District located in St. Louis, Missouri.

While with Riverview Gardens, Dr. Earle was responsible for the management of all State and Federal programs and grants. He was involved in several projects supervising the budget and direct application of technology advancements ensuring the best environment for the education of all their students.

Since the beginning of E-Rate funding, Dr. Earle has assisted several school districts, not only the filing of applications necessary for receiving funding, but also in identifying additional funding for overlooked services. This work has resulted in over 25 Million dollars of funding for schools.

Over the years Dr. Earle has developed a keen ability to identify not only the proper pathways for a successful application, but the ability to assist in accurate planning for future goals. By using the proper mix of planning and application, schools and libraries are able to maximize the benefits of the Federal E-Rate program.