Federal Program Consulting, Inc (Formerly: Earle & Associates) was formed in 1999 to work with individual schools and school districts on Federal programs: 1) E-Rate; 2) Title I through Title IV; and 3) school improvement initiatives. Today, the company primarily focuses on the Federal Government ‚ÄúTelecommunications Act of 1996, Section 254‚ÄĚ known as the E-Rate Program administered through the USAC Schools & Libraries Division.

The company has grown from working with several schools in the State of Missouri, to working with schools in 35 states. The primary focus has been to assist small school districts and individual schools to obtain funds and meet all compliance regulations for Federal Programs. The company has grown from assisting small school districts 9 years ago, to offering a broad range of consulting services to schools, districts and consortia.

The company has partnerships agreements with several independent consultants and companies throughout the United States.

Dr. Jim Earle:
President/Owner of Federal Program Consulting, Inc.
Federal Program Analyst and Regulatory Specialist